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  1. Re: Which Fleshlight product includes the facsimile of the uterus?

    Which is a nice sexy thought and stuff - except that if this happened in real life, our lady friends would likely not be terribly happy about it, will probably be shouting out in pain (and not the...
  2. Re: Recently discovered pornstars that make your cock a mountain!

    Chloe Amour!! :cyclops:
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    Re: Review of Lisa Ann Barracuda

    No kidding - when you first try it, it feels all loose and squishy, and you think "ho hum, it's not that tight, this is gonna be SO boring...."

    Then those nubs start swirling around and mopping...
  4. Re: most realistic FL to start with? stu or vortex

    I have an Alien, which is half STU, a Bump-n-Grind, which is (kinda) half or more Vortex-ian, and an SIAC with the mini Vortex - and none of the "official" versions they're derived from, so take this...
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    Re: Younger guys, huge units

    Word, Senor SF....well put!

    Personally, if this gal was my girlfriend, I'd have NO problem working around her problem:

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    Re: Newsletter Email List Compromised?

    I've had the same happen with several e-addys with unique names nobody would ever guess.

    Is it made of a combination of one or more common words or sequences of numbers with a major...
  7. Thread: Sexy Ass

    by AlienInACan

    Re: Sexy Ass

    Wow...is it me, or in these two does she kinda look like a young Katie Holmes?

    And those Randy shots....dang.....fuhgeddabout the awesome ass, those labes are AMAZING.
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    Re: Flight picture

    Wow - dunno why, but for some reason I happened to click on this one and thought "aw, it's just gonna be another generic phonecam shot", and couldn't have been more wrong....very impressive!

  9. Re: An irrational fear is keeping me from trying the Fleshlight.

    There's actually a dating website out there that has a variation on this in their Q&A section....something like "if you died and someone went through your belongings, would they be shocked by what...
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    Re: New user - stoya destroyer.


    Gay or not, the choice of a FL....or a pair of sneaks.....you've GOT to be kidding, right?

    (BTW, I might be showing my age here, but I used to own a first-year-ever-released pair...
  11. Re: Forum searches not working properly - possibly due to case sensitivity?

    'Cos I'm lazy and usually don't log in unless I'm posting/replying to something...like this! ;)

    Yeah, Google "site:___" search is designed to work without the "http(s)://" by design, and...
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    Re: New Girls to Orgy Selection

    We of course aren't privy to the numbers here on our end, but I'm guessing ILF does a fair bit of business from online sales, no?

    As such, I'm rather surprised how it seems the web presence/sales...
  13. Forum searches not working properly - possibly due to case sensitivity?

    Hey ILF WebMaster-y types!

    Have been seeing an issue for a while here on the forums that's really annoying...basically goes like this:

    1) DO NOT LOG IN AS A USER - just hit the forums...
  14. Re: Have done my reasearch still lost with my first fl

    (Dang, I think that gets the record for the longest sentence I've read this year so far!) :tongue:

    Astroglide's always been great, but if you're ordering from this site, I'd suggest the standard...
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    Re: Man scaping?

    Always loved the enhanced sensitivity and feeling of being buck nekkid and freshly shaved clean - and always hated myself a couple days later when things started growing back, and it'd became the...
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    Re: Am I doing it wrong?

    Hey, if it worked for the gals, why not for you too? :laugh:

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    Re: Jack’s Banana Cream Soda

    Sounds like you're SERIOUSLY asking for a urinary tract infection, skin irritation, or any number of uncomfortable things that might not sound so bad upfront, but can suddenly get out of hand and...
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    Re: The Magnificent Bill Hicks!

    I know a lot of folks in the entertainment biz who like Bill Hicks, all of whom I love and respect dearly and am totally on the same page with on most everything. But after multiple honest tries, I...
  19. Re: Another first timer, looking for recommendations

    True indeed...but if you have multiple FLs, especially with different textures, an extra 1-2 are nice to have to mix things up and add a little variety to the routine occasionally (emphasis on...
  20. Re: This guy is smart. This is what he was building all along

    The video for this is like the "Can you hear me now? Good..." guy meets a Fellini film ran through a Cuisinart in Shinjuku...

    Man, the Japanese are a wacky bunch, for sure. :male-fighter2:
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    Re: Sleeves that 'push you out'

    Believe it or not, as pedestrian as it sounds, my first experience with an FL doing that was my first tryout of Forbidden (Stoya version) with the end cap screwed all the way tight. It was so...
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    Re: What would you do in my situation?


    For the next time - and hopefully time(s) - some girls report that it makes things easier if they "bear down" (yes, using the same muscles like they're taking a dump) when you're...
  23. Re: The Vortex is TOO good - what is the plainest "like a normal vagina" model you ma

    On my BnG, as with pretty much all of 'em, I leave it on but as loose as possible - it seems much more life-like, you feel the textures MUCH more, and aren't as prone to blowing your load in 30 secs...
  24. Re: What is the AVERAGE size of the male PENIS??

    Well, if any of you guys get all fed up with the whole "size queen" thing and decide to totally opt out, they've got the answer, as always....

    "Scissor Me Timbers" from South Park Studios:
  25. Re: Fucking a fleshlight sleeve inside a woman's vagina!

    Wow...can't believe this one hadn't entered my sick mind yet until now!

    No, I don't think I'd necessarily want to if the real thing's available....but could be fun to try with someone extremely...
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