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    Poll: Re: Favorite Lube?

    My Favorite right now is Astroglide Gel. I put in a good amount and can fly for a long time. It doesn't leak out the top and dry out as fast as regular Astro glide. I also liked Liquid silk. ...
  2. Poll: Re: What is the best kind of lube for FLeshlight?

    astro glide Gel is the best. I fill mine at the beginning and it stays slippery for a whole session. And i try to fly as long as i can usually 20-30min.
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    Masturbate the fleshlight With a Vibrator or vibrating dildo.

    Take the fleshlight out of the case and lube up then slide it on your cock backwards. Holding the fleshlight pussy in your hands. ...
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    Re: Girthy guys...buy with confidence!

    I also have an issue with the size of the opening. Just a bit too small. Its still really nice and i like the smaller lighter size but when i'm fully engorged it rubs a bit. I don't think Im that...
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    Re: The Flight - A Review/Early Impression

    My wife just got me a flight for my birthday. She tried it on me last night and it was good ,but i will have to try it again. It was hard to concentrate on the new toy with her bush in my face. ...
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    Wife as Pilot

    Hey guys,

    I just got my 3 for 2 deal yesterday and got my wife to try it out on me last night. It was great! I was worried she wouldn't be into it but she thought it was fun. Its also easy for...
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