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  1. Re: Tips on how to not bust my load in FL so quickly?

    Kegels are key to lasting longer. This strengthens the muscles which are used when you ejaculate. This will allow you to have more control over your orgasms. By strengthening the muscles, you can...
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    Re: First Time - Need Opinions ASAP

    STU is not just about stamina, it also happens to feel really really good. It's one of my favorites for that reason. It was designed to get you to the edge quick so you want to blow and it succeeds...
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    Re: Who is this girl ?


    Looking for a source, thanks!! :good:
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    Re: Humpus V's Autoblow V's Fleshlight

    I have never heard of the Humpus, but I took a look at the video and it looks promising. If they could find a way to attach a Fleshlight case to it then it would be perfect. Something to stroke you...
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    Re: Has someone tried Alien fleshlight ?

    Sounds good for your first FLight. Keep it up! After a few more uses you'll start to feel more of the texture.

    Enjoy! :airplane:
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    Re: Has someone tried Alien fleshlight ?

    Alien will be great for a beginner. It combines the Vortex, Lotus Node, and STU bumps and feels quite good. I think you'll love it. It has the intensity you need for a newbie and also feels...
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    Re: My Stoya Destoya finally died!!!

    You really can't compare the tightness of the Heavenly to the SIACs. The SIACs are all much much tighter than anything else due to the hard plastic O ring. Heavenly may *look* tight, but it will...
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    Re: My Stoya Destoya finally died!!!

    I would check out Legend on Jenna Jameson for a more intense and bumpy ride. Tornado and Bookworm both offer great experiences as well. If you want intensity check out Beehive too.

    Frankly they...
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    Re: Cornstarch Advice Needed

    No. Starch is really only use to prevent things from sticking to the sleeve so starching the interior is not necessary. Also keep in mind that when you FLy the lube coats the interior of the sleeve...
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    Re: Which next sleeve with a twist

    How long are you? I'm pretty average at 6" long and 4.5" girth and the Twista has given me amazing orgasms. Although it may not look intense online, what is important is how it feels and I can attest...
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    Re: Not feeling anything in The Gauntlet??

    You are more than large enough to enjoy Gauntlet. The issue to me sounds like the sleeve is not fully broken in yet. Sleeves that have more texture inside tend to take longer to break in and the...
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    Re: Which next sleeve with a twist

    You are missing the original sleeve with a twist: The Twista. This is the first FLG texture and one of my favorites. Before every FLG had signature sleeves, the Twista was my favorite and remains...
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    Re: On a Mission Mount

    I have On a Mission as well as the discontinued Let Her Ride and both are excellent. They are very firm and really work well.
  14. Poll: Re: Which Out Of The 3 FleshLight Units You Like Best?

    I voted for Fleshlight as they have the best textures, but here are my thoughts about them:

    Fleshlights: They are large which offers a larger hole for fucking making it easier to fuck them from...
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    Re: How Many FleshLight Toys Do You Have?

    63 at my last count. I've started to toss some out though. Too many to use these days and not enough time. I've gotten rid of things like the Freaks, Vibros, Ice (too sticky) and some SIACs I never...
  16. Re: Rank tightest to largest pussy orifices for FLG

    They are all about equal in terms of tightness. The orifice makes little difference in the overall feeling I've found. If you want to feel something tighter, then buy a tighter texture or buy a SIAC.
  17. Re: No PayPal Option for fleshlight ordering?

    They offered Paypal at one point, but Paypal did not want them, so they had to take the option away. The issue lies with Paypal.
  18. Re: mini-lotus, primal, torrid, hevenly, or ledgend?

    I have the Legend and I really like it. It has some really nice immediate feedback and feels very good.

    Primal I would also highly recommend if you like intense sleeves. It features the Lotus...
  19. Thread: Adult sites

    by orlandot94

    Re: Adult sites

    I'm a lesbian fan so I really like vivthomas.com. I also like massage series from Hegre-Art.
  20. Re: Stamina Training Unit's vagina is too tight?

    As the others have said, you need lube. Lube is the most important part of having a successful FLight. Lube can change the feel of the texture dramatically as well. I would have 2-3 different types...
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    Re: Review of the vStroker

    The vStroker Hero is pretty nice so far. The feedback is what makes it nice. If you stroke too slow, the video detects it and you can fail. This forces you to follow the beat and can lead to some...
  22. Re: My Pink Butt Speed Bump FL just arrived - newbie questions?

    As long as it is dry, then you can put it away. 30 minutes in front of a fan should do the trick. You can rinse the inside with isopropyl alcohol which will speed up the drying time dramatically.

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    Re: Left fleshlight wet in case Ooops?

    Rinse it with isopropyl alcohol. 12 hours won't do too much to it. Nothing than isopropyl can't fix at least.
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    Re: Lubricant Liquid Silk

    The main ingredient is water so it should be safe. From what I've read, the first ingredient is the most common and the others will be in such low volume that they won't really effect the Fleshlight...
  25. Re: Is prostate stimulation just not for some people?

    Prostate stimulation can take a long time to come around to. It's often called a prostate awakening by the fact that you literally awaken the secrets within.

    In practice, it takes a lot of time...
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