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    Anyone Try Slippery Stuff?

    It was suggested to me by women with more "sensitive vaginas". Supposed to work as good/better than Astroglide, which I am a huge fan of. Anyone have experience with it or used it with a fleshlight?...
  2. Poll: Re: Would you buy a camel toe or a puffy pussy Fleshlight?

    I've noticed that my Teagan Presley FL is definitely more meaty than my Lisa Ann FL. I think it might vary from girl to girl, but nothing like I would like to see. Nice plump pussy would be fantastic.
  3. Re: Would you date or even marry a porn star...

    As long as I get Melissa Rauch then we can live in peace :)

    Howard: "I'm gonna spoon you like an armadillo!"
  4. Poll: Re: Poll: How do you sexually identify? (personally)

    Yeah, the thing is femininity is what really turns me on. Manly girls (you know, butchish) or ones with deep voices just totally gross me out. Girls that smell nice are awesome too :)
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    Re: Tera Patrick Tease

    My Lotus and Forbidden are just about to bite the dust, sucks because they are my favorites. I think I've ridden them too hard!!

    This was one that piqued my interest, what are some others that you...
  6. Re: Describe Your first experience masturbating and how old you were at the time.

    I'm no neurologist, but experiencing something blazes a trail in your neural pathways. If you're clearing a forest, you have to go through with a lotta force, you can imagine it'd be super forceful...
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    Re: Gym hook ups

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    Re: Masturbation Calculator

  9. Re: im 18 years old and i cant seem to get erection from stripclubs, whats wrong with

    It's hard to comment on this without coming off degrading to others, but you may just be the kind of guy who subconsciously doesn't find that attractive. The inability to get an erection is not...
  10. Re: Wives / Girlfriends and FL's-Masturbation

    It's threads like this that make me happy to be a young bachelor :)
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    Re: Man Scaping

    Yeah, trimming down is better and you have much less likelihood of ingrown hairs (yowch). I'd just trim, but do whatever your significant other likes best.
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    "Bottoming Out" on girls

    So given that I'm not super huge (a little over 6", but with an effective length of about 5.9-6), I can't say it's a super common occurrence for me. I've had shorter girls that were nearly a perfect...
  13. Re: More food and more exercise = Whopping sex drive

    Try doing weightlifting and using LOTS of protein and amino acid supplements. You will not only cum a lot more, you will feel like you could beat a moose to death with your boners. The more...
  14. Re: Recently discovered pornstars that make your cock a mountain!

    Very nice!! Her tits are fantastic, thanks for the referral!!

    I've been watching some Christine Young stuff lately, she's not as cute as the Lightspeed girls or Little Summer/Teen Topanga but...
  15. Re: Things you have used as lube throughout your life?

    I used conditioner + water for years. Coconut oil doesn't sound too bad though.
  16. Re: Porn Fetishes in Real Life...still hot?

    Go to about 3:50!!

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    Re: A very weird idea.

    Damn, she'd have to be pretty worn out lol. It's a valid point though. I'm more attracted to the contractions and natural warmth.
  18. Re: Porn Fetishes in Real Life...still hot?

    Yeah ass to mouth is a great example. I'm not game for it in porn either, don't really like anything anal. Much more breast and pussy-centric to be honest.
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    Re: Why "that" expression in porn pics?

    Lip bite is pretty hot, I just hate played-out shit in almost all aspects of life. I hate trends or anything that a huge group of people start doing. This is why I never got into subcultures!
  20. Porn Fetishes in Real Life...still hot?

    Ok so I've commented on a shit-ton of posts, time to pop my own up after being gone for so long. This one is gonna need some explaining

    Ever see anything in porn that is unique or interesting...
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    Re: A very weird idea.

    Yeah, this would seem like asking if you could play Grand Turismo with a screen mounted on the inner windshield of a racing car....you've got the real deal right in front of you, might as go for the...
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    Re: What the fuck is going on in the world?

    "If it bleeds, it leads" dude. Be careful where you get your news from, the only journalist I've encountered (I'm VERY politically active) that was honest and no bullshit, is John Stossel. Even if we...
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    Re: Fucking Awesome Trip

    Yeah, I have to admit that made me go "Ehhh what?" Now if this was 1996, I could imagine a polaroid laying around or MAYBE some developed pictures from a regular camera, but you'd have to find them...
  24. Re: Would you have sexy with someone's Mom?

    Hey, single moms need lovin' too :)
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    Re: (Serious) Ever felt completely lost?

    Sorry, gotta get this outta the way ;)


    From someone who recently finished college and has been in the working world for a few years (quite...
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