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  1. Re: OculusRift - Just experienced something amazing with my Fleshlight.

    Sounds amazing. I know the technology is in its infancy so I'm also excited about this.

    Right now, it looks like it goes for $350 and is a beta product. Do you think it's worth it?
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    Re: First time buying; should I get 2?

    I would buy two because it allows you to learn what different textures feel like and also prevents you from becoming too accustomed to a single sleeve.

    Tornado and Primal would be a good pair....
  3. Re: Fighting a desperate war against "death grip" need advice.

    The length does matter for a few select sleeves like Lotus and Swallow. I would recommend you be 6" or larger for both. Their design isn't optimal and ideally a 7" cock works best for those.

  4. Re: Fighting a desperate war against "death grip" need advice.

    Any sleeve will help with DGS. It's the hard case that prevents you from being able to squeeze your cock which makes the Fleshlights feel like a real pussy and also perfect for curing DGS. You can't...
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    Re: Looking for some help??

    Any of those would be fine. Your size is not an issue. You'll easily fit into any sleeve.

    I think Gauntlet would be a great sleeve for a beginner, but any of those you listed will work. I'd just...
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    Re: Which texture is best to fight DeathGrip?

    Wonder Wave is the best of those options you gave. However, I agree with T that the STU is really the sleeve to get. You want something with a lot of texture inside so you have a better chance at...
  7. Re: Fleshlight newbie gets crash course in 21st century joy

    Once you start some more intense sleeves you'll really love them them! Some of my orgasms with them are extremely intense, mind blowing sessions that are hard to put into words.

    Enjoy! :D
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    Re: I don't feel too much..

    Two days is not enough time to adjust to the Fleshlight. You have to give it more time than that, at least a week or two. Also the Vortex is somewhat of a more advanced sleeve in that it doesn't have...
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    Sticky: Re: Beginners Guide to Fleshlight

    It's not the air. You need air to be moving through it or else you will create a vacuum and won't feel a thing.

    Using a spray bottle with water should help make the sleeve nice and slick and the...
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    Re: Mocha insert arrived in plastic bag?

    It could be a really old sleeve. This is how they used to be shipped years ago.
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    Re: How many fights before I switch ?

    Once they are all broken in, it doesn't really matter too much. I'd just use whatever you feel like using. I have a few sleeves that I just love that get used more than the others, like STU, Primal,...
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    Re: STU & Bi-hive

    Get the STU. It's that good.

    Bi-hive is a bit looser, almost too loose for me personally. I'd probably go with Primal or Gauntlet for my second. Both high intensity sleeves that feature the Lotus...
  13. Re: Are these FLGs too similar for a first timer?

    It's not as overwhelming as other textures I would say, so I would still get it. You can slow down the speed if you want less intensity too. It tends to be conal shaped, so the deeper strokes will...
  14. Re: Are these FLGs too similar for a first timer?

    I have each of them and they are not too similar. Each of those are solid textures so I don't have any issues with recommending them.

    I posted this in another thread yesterday, but I've never...
  15. Re: Another first timer, looking for recommendations

    I have the Cougar and it's a decent low intensity sleeve. The texture is three-quarters circle of ridges with the other quarter a line of bumps. It tends to hold lube well without being too...
  16. Re: Another New to Fleshlight Thread, some questions

    You want the STU. A Fleshlight will never replace a woman. Being with someone has less do to with sex and even less to do with what you feel on your dick, instead you form emotional bonds with people...
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    Re: Do you use any other toys while you FLy?

    I have used three other types of toys when FLying:

    Cock Ring - This is a great toy for all sorts of uses. It will make you rock hard and your cock really thick which leads to more stimulation from...
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    Re: First time Flyer, very impressed!

    Cleaning is the tradeoff that you have to make for finishing inside and having a great orgasm. I'm firmly in the camp that they are well worth that trade off.

    You are probably overdoing the...
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    Re: recent starlets youve discovered?

    <--- August Ames has been my avatar for a few weeks now. She is amazing!

    I've also looked at Shae Summers, Veronica da Souza and Veronika Simon lately.
  20. Re: Another first time buyer.. Any tips and tricks i should know?

    First things first, you made a solid choice. The STU is great for everything from training to just wanting to feel something really really good on your dick.

    Lasting longer is a matter of...
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    Re: First Timer Here

    5" is more than enough to enjoy practically any sleeve. I would look for sleeves that offering repeating textures, so something like the Barracuda will be perfect, since its practically the same...
  22. Re: Yet another first time buyer looking for opinions

    1. Legend
    2. Either!
    3. Forbidden or Lotus

    At you size, I'd probably opt for the Lotus for the 3rd sleeve, unless you really want a smooth texture. Generally I consider smooth textures for...
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    Re: Customer Support

    Glad to hear it Richard.

    As you progress you will adjust to the material and it will feel much more intense, this will cause you to reach orgasm faster. I would expect within a week or two you'll...
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    Re: Question about Christy Mack's Attack

    The Attack is a solid texture. I have the FJB version, but it's the same thing and I enjoy it. It doesn't offer anything too intense, nor is it too dull.

    I'm 6" long as well, and I have never felt...
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    Re: First time buyer, need opinions..

    Yep all the sleeves will fit in a FLG or other case. The exceptions are the SIACs and Flights as they are smaller, but the others are interchangeable.

    You really one need one case and if you are...
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