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    Default Is ky warming 2 in 1 lube/massager, an h20 based lube?

    I bought the 2 in 1 warming ky and it doesent say if it is water based or not. Just checking.

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    please review the test:
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    Arrow Here Is The Information You Were Looking For

    Quote Originally Posted by tank78 View Post
    I bought the 2 in 1 warming ky and it doesent say if it is water based or not. Just checking.
    tank78 - Everybody, here is some information you can use.

    K-Y Touch Massage 2-in-1 Warming Body Massage & Lubricant, Unscented

    (Source: http://a1468.g.akamai.net/f/1468/580/1d/pics.Drugstore.com/prodimg/148751/200.jpg)


    Touch Massage™ 2-in-1 WARMING Body Massage + Personal Lubricant

    - Silky Smooth
    - Fragrance Free
    - Non-Staining
    - Compatible with Latex Condoms

    For massaging all over body, even in your most intimate areas. Gently warms on contact.


    Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, BHT

    Where To Buy:

    You need to search Google and/or Yahoo! and/or some other search engine using search terms KY Warming Lubricant to find what you want.

    BOTTOM LINE: This product may be harmful to your Fleshlight. Use cautiously.

    Keeping Forum Members Informed Is What I Do...

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    The "Touch Massage" definitely has some kind of oil in it; but the "2 in One Touch Massage" I'm not sure about. It says it's latex condom compatible.

    You should probably give it the oil-free test to make sure!
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    Buy some Astroglide



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