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    Question If I dont have any WaterBased Lube, what else can I use?

    I just wanted to know.

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    There are many threads in the Lube section about this. Do a search and you'll come up with more info than you can read in an afternoon. Seriously, there are many answers already on this board.

    But, to try and help:

    Xanthan Gum and Water. Never used it myself, but some swear by it. In fact, they rave about it.

    Spit. Never tried it, but some love it. I must be cottonmouth or something 'cause I don't have enough of it. Then again, I FLy for 4-5 hours at a time.

    DO NOT USE ANY OIL BASED ANYTHING IN YOUR FLESHLIGHT! It will ruin it, and ILF will not replace it.

    Take a look at my thread here:

    h t t p : // forums. fleshlight. com /showthread.php?p=758459

    (I can't post links yet - take the extra spaces out and go to my 2-pump thread.)

    This is my lube "system". It doesn't have a substitute that you need, but it will help out when you get some lube that you can use.

    Hope this helps in some way!




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