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Thread: lube combo

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    Default lube combo

    for those of you who like to try different things with the fl..
    here is a great combo
    you use some liguid silk and a smaller amount of gun oil h20...
    both are water based but the combo makes the fl feel fantastic it may be a litty sloppy but I like my pussys to be wet wet... warmed and using those combo close your eyes you will have a hard time rembering its a fleshlight it's givin me some great "just had sex" highs and for those of you who know ya know what I'm talking about its a euphora only guys that have experienced can relate to

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    Default Re: lube combo

    Cool. Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

    I'm going to try mixing some brand-name lubes with my WalMart Equate Jelly to see what it does. Film @ 11.



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