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    well, you might have seen my other thread about switching to the orignal lady insert cuz of my rugburn issues. ok, heres my review after trying it out today. It actually gave me more rugburn, and i properly lubed it and all. i went back to my mouth wonderwave and that 1 oddly enuff was more gentle and less abrasive. I think I discovered the reason why, because the original insert actually puts more friction on the penis becuase the textured insert has more air pockets, and the texture of the wonder wave provides some cushion from the outer walls of the insert. Since the original has no texture, it is harsher because your coming directly into contact with the outer walls of the insert, with no air pockets or cushioning. This is my opinion. However i like the lady opening the best beacuse it proides a looser entrance and more cushion for the pushing. So yah, don't buy this one, stick with lady wonder wave. hope this is informative.

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    Thanks for the review! I also have a Mouth/Wonder Wave and I like it...I was thinking about getting an original because I used to have a supertight which was pretty good years ago. I have some good girth but this info is good to know. I might try a Lotus instead!



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