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    Default Lube Question. .

    Is it normal that I have to use an abundance amount of lube just to be able to fit in my Raven Riley Lotus?

    It seems the only way I can go back in it is if I slap a lot of lube on my part and inside the lotus. Or else there's no way I can get inside.

    Just curious!

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    Completely normal. There are some fleshlights that consume more lube than others. I can't get inside of my SIAC Succu Dry unless I apply and re-apply lube. The same holds true for my other fleshlights. I have a butt ultra tight model that just sucks the lube. I am not huge by any means but I can't fit inside of it without applying lots of lube. Don't be stingy with the lube though, that will leave you with sore spots and make the whole experience unpleasant.

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    Default Re: Lube Question. .

    Try to add a little of your own spit, it really works.. Don't use water it doesn't work.
    Somehow ingredients in your spit reacitvates the lube.. That makes the lube last way longer. Just a tip though



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