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Thread: Ordering Lubes

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    Default Ordering Lubes

    I recently got my fleshlight but it only came with a sample lube packet. Its great and all but I'm running low on it. I was wondering, if i order from this site again how will it be labeled on the box? Will it say the same like "ILF company." something like that or will it say something along the lines of "personal lubricant"? Also how long do those normally last for someone who doesn't use half the bottle or just a smidge. 8 oz? 16 oz?

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    It will come exactly the same way your Fleshlight did. No explanation of what is it in or anything like that. 16 oz should last quite a while. It is usually cheaper per oz to buy more at a time.

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    Default Re: Ordering Lubes

    When your ready take a look at the fleshlube or gun oil they are the best for not getting sticky which is always a plus. Packaging is always discrete.



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