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    Default First Fleshlight experience

    After seeing the Fleshlight on G4 channel I thought I gotta give this a try. After going to the website, I was even more sold. It took me the nerve to shell out the money for this, but man is it worth it!
    Make sure you buy the Fleshwash when you place your first order - it makes cleanup much easier.

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    Default Re: First Fleshlight experience

    That's how I first saw mine. On a porn channel. Always figured it was just a load of hogwash. It took me a while to take the plunge also. I spent a week regretting spending the dough. The day it came in the mail I figured "what the hell, I'll give it a try". The second my dick slid in her I was hooked!!!!!

    Actually, don't waste your money on the fleshwash. Hot water, isopropyl alchohol, and cornstarch are all you need. And so much cheaper.

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    Default Re: First Fleshlight experience

    It took me about a month of research and looking to finally take the plunge and buy. I'm glad I did.



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