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Thread: STU review...

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    Default STU review...

    I have to give a review of this thing.

    Let me give you some background info first. I am labeled at my school as a porn addict...I jack it a LOT. To give an example, I just finished March Madness(Wanking it 3 times in one day on march 3rd, 4 times on the 4th, etc) My friend and I made it up to the 19th....so that means we were jacking it 10 times a day each. In the "off season" I like to do 3-4 times a day. Feels great, what can I say.
    I have DGS, and i'm circumcised.

    I got my STU in the mail 4 days ago, and since that I've used it 10 times.

    I went to my local drugstore and picked up 9.5 oz of "ID glide) which works well so far, easy to clean.

    My routine so far: Let soak in hot water for 5-7 minutes, take out, Apply lube in a string all around the pussy, and then two drops in the canal. That lasts me for the whole way, friction only comes after maybe 6 mins of pumping(I can barely last that long inside this thing!)
    So once I have lubed up, and gone through the hassle of actually getting a boner(Open to suggestions/tips on that BTW) I slide in, press play on the porno, and get cranking.

    For the texture, I dont severely notice the bumps until I get ready to come, and I get harder. It is still THRILLING to fuck, and the vagina is a cool visual aid.

    But the greatest part is still to come. This is where the fleshlight downright OWNS using my hand. When I come, hand or FL, I get a bit sensative on the head, but with the fleshlight the bumps are insanely intense and pleasurable.

    Cleaning is easy as taking the sleeve out, putting pussy up to the faucet, letting water run through it, washing away lube/cum, putting the sleeve somewhere to dry, and wiping the easy-to-clean ID glide off your dick.

    Complaints only go as far as the noise when the cap is on tight. The wheezing it makes is odd.

    Overall 9.5/10, GREAT buy, and you can bet the farm that I will be buying another one sometime. Speaking of that, does anyone have a more intense sleeve? What is it? I am looking at the "Super Ribbed", Is there anything more intense than the STU?

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    Default Re: STU review...

    Masturbating a lot does't mean you for sure have DGS. Having trouble lasting much more than 6 minutes means you aren't desensitized very much.

    The SR might be more intense for you or it might not. It's not as tight as the STU but the ridges might feel more intense. I would give the STU a few weeks before you jump into bed with the SR.

    There's no absolute most intense texture. It depends on the person.

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    Default Re: STU review...

    I agree with ssumerian. Use STU for a while to make sure you have cured your DGS, if you have it. Then, buy something new.

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    Default Re: STU review...

    STU is pretty awesome. I liked it better than the WW. I've recently purchased the primal and am curious how good this sleeve is. I figured it was one of the best FLG sleeves out there.

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    Default Re: STU review...

    i am still breaking in my STU. its pretty intense, don't get me wrong. i have had my destroya for a while... i like to use both of then while flying. it makes me appreciate the differences in the textures even more. but when i use both i usually cum in my destroya.



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