In my mid 20s I was on a business trip in North Carolina. I was alone, lonely, horny, and hungry. I got in my rental car , stopped at Arby's for a Chicken Sandwich and headed to the bigger city looking for a porn-shop. When I finally found one I walked the isles for at least an hour. I flipped through magazine after magazine, read almost every video box that they had, and looked at every sexual device from masturbators to nipple clamps. I was rock-hard in the store and needed something to increase the fun of release. What I ended up picking up was a silicone gelly thing with a hole through the middle. Essentially it was a crude precursor to the FL. When I got to the counter the girl asked me if I needed any lube, I told her that I should get some. She brought back what appeared to be the biggest bottle of lube that I had ever seen. I had never bought any before, but expected smalled. I bought it and was glad that I did. I was on business for two weeks and love to feel myself cum. The fist time that I tried it I used about 5-times too much. I started jacking off and just about lost control. I was so slipery it took a while to actually get some good lovin' feeling going. It came though, and so did I. I used so much that my cock, balls , and ass crack we all slick as a whistle.

Thank you Astroglide!