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    Default Video on Xvideos.com

    Hi there.
    On Xvideos.com i found a video which I loved, where these 3 girls where giving a blowjob to this lucky fella! and the
    video consisted of these 3 girls takin in turn to see who gave the best blowjob by givin him 1 at a minute each, then all of them just done it after one another. It was an excellent video. The Babes had nice pairs of tits on them and there was a Blonde, Brunette & a Red Head.
    Now the video isn't on there!
    Does anyone know where i can find this video or can anyone tell me where it's from?

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    Default Re: Video on Xvideos.com

    Sorry man, that video was of me and I had to take it down since my other girlfriend found out about it. Bitches, yo.......

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    Default Re: Video on Xvideos.com

    Was it from this? http://xhamster.com/movies/573648/fuck_face_girls.html



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