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    Lightbulb The dildos should be in the women's section

    So I recently purchased the SIAC and my fiance decided if I got "realistic" orifices (I think they look like cartoons, but whatever), she wanted a realistic dildo. Cool, no problem here! We wound up looking through the Fleshjack ones, which was great. However, I only knew there were dildos on their website because they popped up when I got curious and typed in "Lupe Fuentes" into Google Shopping a couple days before.

    Why are these hidden from straight women? I know the guys are gay porn stars, but they're selling a product. Shouldn't they sell to the largest audience possible?

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    Default Re: The dildos should be in the women's section

    How many women are hot for male gay pornstars?

    Anyways realistic Dildos for women (..and the gays, don't forget the gays) are a dime a dozen (the market is readily flooded)

    There is not a reasonable opening for market penetration, unlike male masterbators which are significantly rarer

    The FJB dildos are accessories to the sleeves (to complete the "fantasy" of ones gay sex dreams)

    Now anyone (straight/gay/bi/female) can buy FJB cocks if they wish, it's just that a female oriented dildo line wouldn't be profitable as the competition is too great (the niche is already covered)

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    Default Re: The dildos should be in the women's section

    haha awesome word choice!

    Quote Originally Posted by FLrookie View Post
    reasonable opening for market penetration



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