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    Default Congrats, ILF! Another 1 million FL sold in under a year!

    It seems like just yesterday the banners reported "4 million sold!" and now ILF has just announced they've hit the 5 million mark. I don't remember exactly when they announced the 4 million mark last year, but it seemed to be around the end of April.


    Austin, TX / April 16, 2012 – The world’s #1 Selling Male Sex Toy has now surpassed the sale of their five millionth unit, further cementing the Fleshlight brand as a leader in the adult toy industry. With an impressive and diverse line of products, including the still top-selling Fleshlight Original, the Fleshlight Girls line, the Stamina Training Unit, and the recent, highly-anticipated launch of Flight, millions of men around the world have screamed Fleshlight’s praise.

    “We’re pleased to surpass the five million units sold mark,” said Brian Shubin, COO of Fleshlight. In comparison Shubin added, “I read an interesting stat the other day that said the Ford Focus had sold 5.5 million cars since its debut in ‘98, which is the same year we started selling Fleshlight products. It’s fun to think about it on that level now that we are selling around 1 million units per year.”
    The Fleshlight company thanks everyone for their help in achieving this respectable mark, but wanted to specifically point out their distribution customers, retailers, and above all the end consumer for enjoying their products.

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    Default Re: Congrats, ILF! Another 1 million FL sold in under a year!

    That's a great milestone in sales for ILF, and my hearty congrats to them. I'm sure it's a result of hard work from the top to the bottom. That being said, I hope their customer service and quality control would also be able to keep up with the increased sales. With it, they would win the hearts of consumers even more and put themselves in a very special place in sex toy market. They may not have to do so because of their possession of patents and all, but great service would only help them to secure themselves as a great company respected by consumers and industry insiders alike.
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    Default Re: Congrats, ILF! Another 1 million FL sold in under a year!

    I'm sorry to say I didn't buy any new FLs last year, but congrats, ILF!

    This is certainly another milestone for them!

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    Default Re: Congrats, ILF! Another 1 million FL sold in under a year!

    I had to log into my account and look up my order history to see if I contributed to this milestone. My last order was the Maze on March 11, 2011. I hadn't realized it had been that long since I bought anything from ILF. I need to look through and see what's there. LOL!



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