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    Smile DGS cure. I think i'm cured.

    Hey you guys!

    Few months ago i've decided to buy one fleshlight. I've ordered The Fleshlight Girl Stoya Lotus. One month after i've decided to order one SIAC Stout. When i started to use fleshlights i wasn't too much insensible. I wasn't capable to feel the lotus node in the middle portion of the sleeve. All my life i've been masturbating with my hands, i'm uncut and never ever used some kind of lube. So i've decided to buy fleshlight and my sexual life have changed. I think i had DGS but i didn't know. Nowadays, i can feel all the textures of both sleeves i have, all details.
    And i feel my penis, in a way very increased, my glans more sensible when i use condom with a partner. I ask you: who had the DGS cured by the Fleshlight too?

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    Default Re: DGS cure. I think i'm cured.

    I had DGS badly when I got my first.

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    Default Re: DGS cure. I think i'm cured.

    Not that I had DGS before starting to use FL, but I can tell for sure that sensitivity of my penis is increased. Yes, FL is great in that sense also.

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    Default Re: DGS cure. I think i'm cured.

    Glad to hear the DGS is cured!

    I've had a big gain in sensitivity as well. I might not have had DGS, but I definitely was not as sensitive as I am now. The textures are much more intense than when I first started as well.



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