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    Default what do you recommend?

    Hi guys, i am a young gay man looking to buy my first fleshjack. I was wondering what is your personal recommendation and favorites? I was looking at the jack soda can banana cream- i like mouths- or the build your own. Any textures that really get you off?

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    Default Re: what do you recommend?

    Paradise (Jean-Daniel Chagall) and Bliss (Brent Corrigan) are my favorite overall. As for mouths, get a full-size Swallow from your favorite boy.

    How big are you?

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    Default Re: what do you recommend?

    Paradise is a really good texture that I go to again and again. It feels amazing. But if my collection were taken away from me and I had to start from scratch, the first FJ I would buy again is the Crystal. It's incredibly tight, the visual component of watching my dick fuck it is invigoratingly hot, and some of the textures are so blissful it's insane.

    That having been said I would go for something a little more basic for the first sleeve just to have something to work up to so future purchases aren't so disappointing. Unless you only plan to buy one or two. I would recommend first something like a Vigor (uniform texture throughout, kind of plain but still feels really good) and then go to a paradise or ICE crystal.


    If you have an average/smaller sized penis I would recommend the SIACs (My penis is 6.5 and pretty thick). I LOVE the SIACs. My obsession with FJ came from the cherry pop (SO tight and incredibly good feeling). My ratings of the SIAC are

    Cherry Pop > Lady Lager (the vagina isn't appealing to me but the texture is) > Gape Soda > Banana Cream

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    Default Re: what do you recommend?

    I love Brent bliss and Jake's Cherry Pop(if your super huge then this won't work for you). If your average/small then defiantly start with a Jake's Soda aka SIAC.



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