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    Default Any review on the Nina Hartley FLG?

    Just wondering if anyone has bought this one yet..Nina is my all time favorite and when I seen this I nearly instantly bought it but I didn't. Anyway, to anyone who bought it what do you think of it..how do you like the inner texture..how big are you? like me I'm only 6'' inches when fully hard and I want to know if I'll be able to feel all of its sensation. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!.

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    Default Re: Any review on the Nina Hartley FLG?

    I have this texture and it's a decent texture, but so far I find it is on the low end of the intensity spectrum. I'm still breaking it in, but I wouldn't expect it to be much more than a low to mid intensity sleeve when all is said and done. It's certainly a sleeve that you will have to give some effort to appreciate, but just about every texture has a secret that makes them enjoyable Given enough uses I think I'll find a thing or two I like about it, but right from the start I'm not there yet.

    I remain convinced that every texture ILF produces could be someones favorite. So if you certainly are interested, then I would pick it up.

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    Default Re: Any review on the Nina Hartley FLG?

    ThePowerHouse´s review page has a review



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