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Thread: Removing smell

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    Default Removing smell

    How can I remove the smell of my FL?
    i heared about isopropyl alcohol, but is it safe? I don't wanna make it smell like alcohol!

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    Default Re: Removing smell

    I'm not sure what smell you mean. The only one of my fleshlights that has any kind of discernible odour is my first one, that I stupidly damaged with a soap-type cleaning agent. The rubber is decaying. I've just ordered a replacement and I am simply going to discard it.

    If you have some sort of other smell, I can only suggest cleaning it more thoroughly. There's also fleshwash. I give all of mine a spray with it every once in a while. But these sort of cleaning tips and such are in the FAQs, should be readily available info.

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    Default Re: Removing smell

    Isopropyl alcohol is safe and we recommend using it on the Fleshlights to get rid of any odor that may be caused by bacteria. It also evaporates quickly so your Fleshlight will not smell like alcohol.

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    Default Re: Removing smell

    I agree. Using the isopropyl alcohol will NOT make your fleshlight smell like alcohol, trust me.



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