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    Default Help with first purchase please

    I have been reading and posting on this board for quite a while but I still have not made my first purchase. The main reason for this is all the negative things that I have read about different problems with fleshlight. Some of these range from people receiving fleshlights already damaged to them ripping after first use. I have also read different opinions about warming sleeves. Some people say they dont warm sleeves and others use warm water. If water is used do you have to wait for sleeve to completely dry before using or no? As far as sleeves becoming damaged I was thinking about the Jesse Jane Gauntlet and the Jesse Jane Forbidden for my first purchase. Are these still 2 good sleeves to start with? I know this is alot but anyone that can help I would appreciate it. Thank you

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    Default Re: Help with first purchase please

    I wouldn't worry about sleeve defects they are quite rare and if you receive a damaged one and can provide pictures FL will replace it no problem. Warming with water you don't wait until the sleeve is dry, just warm it say.. 10 mins, dry the outside and then go to town! I can't comment on the two sleeve choices, but I recommend ThePowerHouse's review website. I can't post the link, but I'm sure you will find it.

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    Default Re: Help with first purchase please

    I have bought 30+ sleeves and not had one single tear - none! Only one (none critical) bubble at the end of one sleeve. Dont worry about it

    As a beginner sleeve I recommend getting a mid range sleeve to start with. Vortex, Dragon and Bump-n-grind are great mid-range sleeves. Bookworm is smoother but also a great starter sleeve. You should consider buying two different intensity sleeves, use them a while and deside if you want smoother or more intense.
    Remember, more intense texture does not mean better for everyone - experiment a bit and find your preference

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    Default Re: Help with first purchase please

    If you like the look of Jesse Jane and her Gauntlet texture, then grab it! It won't let you down. It doesn't get as much attention and love as Primal or Destroya, but is equally good in my opinion.

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