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    Default Best Fleshlight to cure deathgrip?

    I have problems feeling much of any sensation during sex, and I'm hoping that a fleshlight will help correct this problem. I bought a Flight, and just like during sex, I can't feel the texture at all. It has been three uses so far, which I know isn't a lot, but is the Flight not the best texture to use to cure Deathgrip? I can cum in it pretty quickly, but it is a weak orgasm and I can't feel any of the nubs or anything. Is an STU better (more consistent texture) in curing deathgrip?

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    Default Re: Best Fleshlight to cure deathgrip?

    There are a bunch of other people here who can answer your question more completely than I can. But I can tell you from personal experience that it does get better; you just have to keep at it. It takes more than a handful of flights before you properly adapt to the sensation. One thing you can try is edging: getting to the point of cumming, and stopping/slowing down so that you regain control. Keep at it until you simply can't stop yourself from cumming. I hadn't given it a shot until I read about it here, and I loved it. Although it does make it hard when I want to just get a quick one in, and have to resist trying to keep going

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    Default Re: Best Fleshlight to cure deathgrip?

    As long as the texture is reasonably intense it will help you cure your death-grip. Give your FLight a little more time. Three uses isn't really enough to make judgement just yet. I wouldn't even consider reviewing a texture without using it at least 3 times and I don't have DGS anymore. Now, with that said, I always recommend an STU for a first timer or Nipple Alley/V-Force due to their intensity.

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