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    Default Which Fleshlight(s) next?

    Late last year I bought my first fleshlights. I started with the Miela Mini-Lotus and shortly after purchased the Misty Swallow and Eufrat Vortex. What would you guys recommend for my next 1-2 FLs? I'm thinking something more stimulating than the ones I have, but not sure. I may take advantage of the current Feb deals and was looking at the Riley Steele Nipple Alley.

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    Default Re: Which Fleshlight(s) next?

    I've heard that the Nipple Alley is a great choice...

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    Default Re: Which Fleshlight(s) next?

    As you are interessted in the Nipple Alley already, just pull the trigger

    Its not as much stimulating as the STU, but it is still a very good choice and has a way way better looking pussy

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    Default Re: Which Fleshlight(s) next?

    Agreed, I actually like it more than the STU.

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    Default Re: Which Fleshlight(s) next?

    Definitely get Nipple Alley and Gauntlet (Jesse Jane) is a very good and very underrated texture too!

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