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    Exclamation Fleshlight Shipping question

    Do fleshlight ship their products in a 'discrete' fashion? I'm considering purchasing my first fleshlight however the only address I can currently ship it to is work. I'm always at work so there is no real risk of it falling into anybody else's hands. However I still don't want a package with 'Fleshlight sex toy inside' scrawled across it showing up at work either. People are generally curious creatures.

    Any advice on the subject from seasoned buyers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Fleshlight Shipping question

    Yeah, it is discreet. There have been *some* complaints from international buyers about customs declarations being a "rubber sleeve" or something, but I didn't notice any such with mine.

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    Default Re: Fleshlight Shipping question

    Yes it's really discreet. I'm from Germany so I knew that there would be "rubber sleeve" written on the package, but it was written quite small so that I had to search for it a few moments although I knew that it was there...
    The rest is just UPS codes and numbers and the ILF adresser sitting in Spain... If you don't grab the package, sit infront of a computer and start studying and google everything written on it for a longer time (what actually won't happen) then nobody would really know what's inside (except other Flyers maybe )

    It's really discreet and since there is no risk that anybody else will grab it, just go for it, order your fleshlight and have fun



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