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Thread: Lube purchase

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    Default Lube purchase

    I was looking on Amazon and saw half gallon and gallon bottles of wet original. I know this is an expensive purchase but I was wondering if it is cheaper in the long run. I believe they have a gallon with a pump for $70 plus shipping. Does anyone else know any good deals?

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    For cheap lube you could look at homemade lubes. The most popular ones are made using xanthan or guar gum. you can mix the xanthan/guar with water to the consistency you like, but you may have to let it sit for some time as clumps of powder are common and either have to be vigorously mixed or left alone so the clumps can dissolve on their own. Alternatively, as I and many others tend to do, you could also first mix the powder with glycerin as it will dissolve quickly and then add water to make the consistency to your liking.

    I have read some posts saying that xanthan gum is more expensive, but requires less powder to thicken the same amount of water. But then there are also posts stating that they work very much the same and guar gum is the way to go. I'm not sure which is better but you should be able to find at least one of them at your local grocer/supermarket or you can buy some online which will usually get you more for your money.
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    I bought one of the 35.3 oz bottles from Amazon so it had free shipping. It's 82.5 cents/oz at it's current price. The gallon you mention is about 60 cents/oz so it is about 25% cheaper.

    I use it to refill my previous 9.5 oz bottle and mix it with distilled water about 50/50 and it seems similar to ID Glide Wet. I don't know if distilled water is necessary but I figured it was a good idea to keep it pure.



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