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    Default 1000 Thrust STU Challenge, with Shower Mount

    On Saturday I completed the 1000 thrust challenge with my STU. I have been using it, with the shower mount, for about two months now. I went from 50, to 100, to 150, to 300, to 400, and then made a quantum leap all the way to 1000. It took about 40 minutes total, with maybe a half dozen or so pauses of 10-30 seconds to relax and lube up again. I didn't come when I hit 1000, but instead pulled out and called it good. My left nut ached where it had pounded the front of the unit, but it was worth it. I have trained myself how to edge and I find it quite satisfying. I'm 57, and don't think I could have done this when I was in my 20's as blue balls was a real problem for me back then. The shower mount is terrific, I love the hands free nature. Can't wait to show my wife what I've learned. Not sure if she's ready for a marathon lovemaking session. BTW, she allows me to leave my STU attached to the shower wall, and is aware that I am using it almost every morning when I take my shower. Occasionally she joins me in the shower and watches as I work it. What a woman.

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    Default Re: 1000 Thrust STU Challenge, with Shower Mount


    Maybe my future dogs will let me leave it in the shower.

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    Default Re: 1000 Thrust STU Challenge, with Shower Mount

    My wife lets me keep Stoya on the shower mount as well



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