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    Default Warming up tricks

    Hey, so rather then warm up my fleshlight by soaking it in water, I just place it under the sink with the hot water on, running through the fleshlight.

    Anyone else do this? Any tricks to making it work? Any other warming methods?

    Sometimes it tips over, or if the entry is too tight it will not allow enough water to run through. Maybe a funnel, or something to hang it from the facet?

    Tried just closing up the fleshlight container and soaking in hot water in the container, but it's not very water tight.

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    Default Re: Warming up tricks

    1.) Put sleeve into case.

    2.) Attach big cap.

    3.) Remove little cap.

    4.) Fill whole case with warm water for a little bit.

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    Default Re: Warming up tricks

    I use those EZ Lock ziplock bags to warm my FL inserts. Just take a FL insert, put it in the zip loc bag, and fill the zip loc bag with hot water and seal up the bag. Wait 10 min or so, and you're good to go. Make sure there is no air bubbles in the bag as well, the FL will warm up evenly. You put the bag with the FL in a bowl or something, and leave it in the sink as well. You can then take out the warmed up FL insert from the ziploc bag and put it in the case. I have always had good results from doing this. Another thing is to make sure your FL insert cools down a little bit before using.



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