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Thread: DP a Fleshjack

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    Default DP a Fleshjack

    So it is possible! CockyBoys has a new scene where Jake Bass and Zach DP a Fleshjack.
    I know FL recommends against it, but has anyone else ever tried this with a guy?

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    Default Re: DP a Fleshjack

    I'd be up for trying it but I really don't know how another guy could fit in there with me.

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    Default Re: DP a Fleshjack

    Just be careful not to bump heads!

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    Default Re: DP a Fleshjack

    I've done this with a guy before. I used a Paradise because I have two and I was sure it was going to tear. We were both really thick and it tore halfway through. I stretched my legs out in a wide V, he put his legs over mine, and I pulled him close while we made out while DPing the Fleshjack. Neither of us could cum this way, every now and then something would happen like my dick would rub the plastic case too hard or something but it felt great.



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