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    Default May I ask for everyone's opinion on some lubes

    I've just about ran out of GunOil H20 and I'm testing out some other lubes.

    What's everyone's take on the following lubes in comparison with each other:

    - Toko Lubricant Organica
    - Slippery Stuff Gel
    - Sliquid H20 Intimate Lubricant Glycerine and Paraben Free

    As much as I would like to buy other more known lubes as Astroglide and ID, etc., They are only available at < 3.0oz bottles and are too expensive here.

    Can anyone advise?


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    Default Re: May I ask for everyone's opinion on some lubes

    Do a search for Xanthan. It is a gluten substitute and makes the best lube I have ever tried. I use it with my Fleshlights and with my wife, she loves it too. The best thing about it is that for the price of 2 bottles of astroglide, you can get enough ingredients to make gallons of lube.



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