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    Default My first (ice) fleshlight was just delivered!

    I just wanted to share my experience if anyone was thinking about getting a fleshlight.

    -When I first saw the ice sleeve I was amazed at how clear it was. I've read that you should wash off the factory cornstarch before using it, but I didn't seem to have to do that. It's not 100% clear but it's clear enough if you want to see yourself in action.

    -The crystal sleeve felt good but I wasn't blown away. I guess I have to get through the "breaking in" period to really appreciate the textures.

    -If you're worried about noise, the ice lady fleshlight only makes a slight squishing sound when using. It really only makes an audible sucking sound when pulling out.

    -I would have a staple remover handy since the 3 staples on the sleeve packaging are a little stubborn.

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    Default Re: My first (ice) fleshlight was just delivered!

    The staples are easy to remove with this one trick:

    Point a stapled side down and slam the packaging against a table (solid surface that won't dent). The staples open up right away! That is our little industry trick

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    Default Re: My first (ice) fleshlight was just delivered!

    Another ICE enthusiast, I love it. I have several Ice sleeves and they are all great including the Crystal Ice. A little trick I found out was using a small LED flashlight at the back end and you can see even better. Have fun and hopefully I.LF. will start making new Ice textures and maybe bring back some of the discontinued ones. They stopped putting cornstarch on the Ice sleeves so when you get them they will not have the fogged look.

    Enjoy your flights.



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