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Thread: Drying Question

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    Default Drying Question

    It's okay to leave my fleshlight in the case with both caps off ( both ends able to get air flow) when drying right? I dry the outside with a towel then put the it in the case with both caps off to dry over night.

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    Yes, that's fine. As long as the air can flow through it, it will dry eventually.

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    Be careful using towels even on the outside. Using towels on the outside depending on how you do it could damage your Fleshlight too. In addition, most towels will leave lint on your Fleshlight. The best way is to use Isopropyl Alcohol as it speeds drying time especially in the canal. Make sure there is no water on the inside of the case also. The biggest problem is if you lay it on its side so air can get to it the sides may close the canal and it will not be able to dry completely. As long as the canal is totally open from one end to the other while it is on its side there should not be an issue.



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