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    Default What is the case like?

    I know it's supposed to be squeezable, but to what extent? I'm not a big fan of using the sleeves without cases so I hope that it still has quite a bit of firmness to it... does it expand girthwise upon use like using a sleeve without the case, or is it firm enough to keep it's shape? being able to adjust the tightness during use seems like it would be nice.

    also how is the end cap for suction adjustment?

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    Default Re: What is the case like?

    It is quite a bit firmer than the sleeve material itself. I'm not sure about expanding girth though, it's already fairly wide. You can't adjust the end cap, it's either in or out, not a screw like standard cases. I really dislike mine, and only used it once before simply shelving it. Regular FLs are superior in every way. Unless you really want to be able to squeeze, I guess. In which case you can just take the sleeve out as you say.

    The blade is also really, really noisy. Almost three times louder than a regular FL at its noisiest. At least according to the dBmeter app on my phone.

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    Default Re: What is the case like?

    I'd have to agree with Iskandar on a few points. It does have some firmness to it. The main reason I bought the Blade is because my wife has small hands and she feels she is hurting me if she uses a regular sized FL. So it being squeezable, she said that reduced the fatigue in her hands greatly. That being said, he is also right about the cap. Its a bit of a pain squeezing the cap in place, which is more like a button. Its either in or out as he said. Also, yes, it is very noisy. You can hear the ribs when you are thrusting and pulling out. I have just about shelved mine too, but my reason for doing so is I found it to be very uncomfortable. The way the ribs pull on the head of my cock was getting painful. It was like it was trying to rip the head off after about 10 minutes of use. It was not very stimulating at all for me. A serious disappointment. The only way I could get comfortable with it is if my wife squeezed it tight. Other than that, its not really worth it imo. Try another FL you are curious about instead.



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