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    Default how to heat it properly

    when i put mine in warm water, it gets hard to re-dust it, especially in the inside, is ther a way u can heat it up, and not have to worry about redusting? like, heat it up, while its still sealed in the shell?

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    Default how to heat it properly

    Use talcum powder. The surface will remain smooth even after rinsing it several times. The powder has to be re-applied after a dozen uses or so.

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    Default how to heat it properly

    Do I understand you in that youÆ’re dusting it while just coming out of the bath for an FL session? If so, I wouldnÆ’t think that to be the best time. If you feel your insert needs a powder, do so before the bath, rub it in good, then prepare for "use". The effect of the powder will remain, as finnishguy states for a number of uses.

    If I want to powder after cleaning, I use paper towels to dab it dry first. Also, when powdering, I find turning the insert inside out works for a better internal job.

    As for warming in the case, I normally use a heating pad and MUST use the case.


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    Default how to heat it properly

    until i get talcum powder, i have found the solution.

    put the FL in those large ziplock bags, into hot water, so it wont melt the plastic. then let that submerge, so it wont ruin your powder job, heats just fine this way.

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    Default how to heat it properly

    Wow, very clever. But IÆ’m pretty sure that the lube and friction play a role as well. Besides, you gotta clean it when uÆ’re done ne way, right?



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